Morrisons' wine packaging - looks cheap, affordable and posh

Morrisons’ wine packaging – looks cheap, affordable and posh


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The good people of Elmwood have rustled up some new packaging for UK #4 supermarket Morrisons. I’ve a love hate relationship with our local Morrisons in that it’s something of a “northern” brand, so I like it, but it also has this theme where it pretends its bakeries and butchers are packed with local high street like shopkeepers rather than spotty teenagers.


And these sections of the store are pretending to be little shops of their own rather than counters serving fish and ham. Oh and it’s always to busy, I can never find the packet ham and the M logo they use is vile.

I also don’t buy much wine, but if I did so at Morrisons, would I be tempted by the stores “own label” offerings?

The new packaging comes in 3 flavours, premium, which sport posh looking traditional style labels, signature with regional elements, be that photography or illustration, and everyday with cheap looking blackboard style writing.

I’m an “on price” wine buyer so I guess I’d try and spot a posh looking bottle and see if it’s on offer before resigning myself to one of the cheaper looking alternatives, especially as it’s likely to be purchased as a gift for a dinner party. I want my equally none wine buff mates to think I spent far more on my wine than I did because it looks posh.

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