Rio 2016 Olympic pictograms - horses or fishing rods?

Rio 2016 Olympic pictograms – horses or fishing rods?



An olympic cities pictograms are perhaps my most anticipated element of that events branding, I love to see what’s delivered.  I loved the London 2012 pictograms, indeed I loved almost everything about the London 2012 identity, including the much derided logo.

Overall I’d say I like the Rio stuff but not love it, it might be a jingoistic thing, but it’s all a little too curvaceous and bulbous for me and the logo itself looks ‘ generic major worldwide sporting event’ but is without any real charm to my eye.

The Rio 2013 pictograms are a nice set and they sit well with the scheme developed thus far. They look like they’re on guitar plectrums (or pebbles). As usual some are very successful, basketball, boxing and rugby really stand out, others less so, golf (why is golf in the olympics?) and tennis or any with the thinner lines I think including the wheels on some of the other cycling events. Diving took me a while to translate.

And the equestrian horse ones look like various forms of extreme fishing.

Find the whole lot below, what do you make of them?

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