EMIAS Logo - Dead or alive, you're storing with me

EMIAS Logo – Dead or alive, you’re storing with me


If you’re running a medial system one thing that’s true is you’ve gotta store information, vital medical records that will help diagnose ailments for years to come.

Does the management and storage of that information need a brand? EMIAS think so and they’ve gone and got themselves a new one.

Should that brand look like a futuristic RoboCop style law and order organisation?

EMIAS seem to think so.

“They’ll fix you. They fix everything”


EMIAS is a new unified system for storage of medical information launched by authorities in the Russian city of Moscow. The name (ЕМИАС in Cyrillic) is an acronym of Единая медицинская информационно-аналитическая система, which roughly means “Unified Medical Information-Analysis System”. It was recently given new visual identity by Art Lebedev Studio.

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EMIAS logo

The old logo

Colour variations, which look less RoboCop



Why they need a promotional T-shirt I have no idea