A is for Up (and Activate) - Activate Learning

A is for Up (and Activate) – Activate Learning


It seems in the UK that higher education establishments are becoming increasingly wealthy and powerful organisations, certainly in Derby and Derbyshire college and Uni mergers have created some large and extensive institutions.

There’s barely an empty building in the University of Derby’s core region of town that hasn’t been “Acquired by Derby University” and it’s identity and reach has become an increasingly important aspect of the City.

The same seems true than of this Oxford based group of higher education facilities, now branded Activate Learning, and to stand out from the crowd they’ve gone and got themselves some fancy new branding.

It’s monochrome on the whole and pretty sophisticated (Oxford’s a sophisticated place don’t you know). The log itself is a strong little marque, pointy up arrows making an “A”, the text isn’t breaking any new ground, dropping the cross bars on the “A’s” isn’t exceptionally original and I’d say make the words a little tricky to read, but they match the pointy up arrow theme.

The little pin badges are lovely (sucker for a pin badge me). The most successful mockups are the pages with a little colour I think.

All in all some smart work by Purpose.

Creative consultancy Purpose has rebranded Oxford and Cherwell Valley College Group with a new name and monochrome visual identity.

The group, which is now called Activate Learning, is made up of three further education colleges – Reading, City of Oxford and Banbury & Bicester – and two University Technical Colleges that offer work-based training for 14 to 19-year-olds.

Purpose was asked to create a brand family for the group and give it a more unified, coherent image. The visual identity combines a series of geometric patterns and a ‘symbolically aspirational’ A monogram made up of chevrons.


The new name and strapline ‘Further than Education’ is based on the group’s aim “to provide transformational learning that [is] more than a stepping stone between school and university.”

“We set out to reflect the enterprising spirit of the colleges…present a very bold and energetic identity that would be reflective of the Activate name…and enable the in-house team to design more confidently,” says creative director Rob Howsam.


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