Lots of space for Lovespace

Lots of space for Lovespace


This ones just a lovely little solution for Lovespace, a London based box collection and storage company. Picking up on two things not particular to London but acute to the capital; small houses and too much stuff.

I don’t imagine even the most inventive storage company can solve the metropolis’s housing issues and the real solution to less stuff is to buy less erm, stuff. But if you’re sentimental, or perhaps a bit daft, you can pay someone else to keep stuff you don’t need. There’s a lesson here about how neighbours and communities could share things I think, but I’m not making it (try the excellent Make Wealth History for that kind of blog).

The solution here, suggesting space in a bit way by popping the text relatively small in the surrounding box is just great. Simple and smart, and it looks great on an actual box.

There’s an illustration to accompany the brand, which features all sorts of aspirational stuff that Londers love and a video, which is cute. There’s also an online photo indexing type of system to help you remember which box is which, that seems a clever little idea…

The branding is based around the concept of ‘live a bigger life, one box at a time’.

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