My Dream Taco Bar - Taquería Canalla identity

My Dream Taco Bar – Taquería Canalla identity


In another life I’d be super cool and hang out in achingly stylish bars and restaurants like this Taco store in San Pedro Mexico. My artsy buddies and I would drink refreshing beer and munch on flavour packed tacos whilst putting the worlds to rights and planning our next exhibition.

In this life I’d stick out like a sore thumb with 2 kids and asking for more sour cream to cool my dinner down.

Taquería Canalla’s success lies not it it’s logo (for which there seem to be 2 marques, the roundel featured at the top and the text based one below on the blue with the two LL’s sat on top of each other). No the real success as so often, lies with the whole identity package, the paired down logo suits the paired down interior and the almost pharmaceutical hot sauce bottles.

If I’m ever in the area I’ll go visit, or at least walk past and wish. But then that’s wishing anyway as I’m not likely to be seen in Mexico at all.

Still a repressed artist can dream…

taqueria_canalla_0191 taqueria_canalla_10
taqueria_canalla_0171 taqueria_canalla_015


Just discussing the next  art installation...

Just discussing the next art installation…

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