CBR - Confident, Bold, Ready or Can't Be Real? Canberra Logo

CBR – Confident, Bold, Ready or Can’t Be Real? Canberra Logo


Super quick on this one as time is short but I wanted to link across to it after discussing the Wellington logo earlier.

Fellow antipodean capital city, Canberra, has launched its own brand, logo and accompanying website, which showcases the brand by Coordinate well I think.

As an extra bonus, like the Wellington logo, it’s yellow and black!

One I think I’ll return too and give a little judgement (TL:DR? I Like), especially as the local newspaper has an article “Brand Canberra: epic fail?

The logo is to provide a ”consistent representation” across Canberra to help attract anyone from new residents to students to investors. It could appear on anything from T-shirts to airport signs to corporate and tourism information.

Ms Gallagher said Brand Canberra was a promotional opportunity and part of her hope that one of the legacies from the centenary year would be to ”see an end to ‘Canberra bashing’ and self-deprecation about our city”.


via Canberra Times

Lastly the required but cheesy video: