Paris Region - An Eiffel'y Colourful Star

Paris Region – An Eiffel’y Colourful Star


As we’re on a roll with “destination” logos, lets look at this new logo for Île-de-France, the extended Paris area (as in Greater London is London and surrounding regions I suppose) by Bridge Communication (according to the press release).

Using 8 sticks, which are being called the “capital radiation”, overlapping to create a star is a great start I think (and a reference to the previous star ident, still on the website as of 3/12/2013), sprinkle in some colour and obviously some overlapping (as is de rigeur) and we’re starting to get the basis of a modern city brand. The addition of the stylised Eiffel Tower seals the deal.

I recognised it without the associated ingredient list and I assume others will too. The text lets things down for me, some kind of retro futuristic 80’s arcade letters, the “R” especially but the “G”, “O” and “S” aren’t blameless. It looks marginally better in small than on the big PARIS REGION but doesn’t make total sense to me. I guess it’s slightly art deco, but not really.

If your French is up to scratch, check out the press dossier introducing the brand.

And it’s not yellow.

Île-de-France is the name used for France’s capital region, that is Paris and its extended surroundings. Last week, on November 27, different government agencies unveiled a new brand, “Paris Region”, to market Île-de-France internationally and to established it as a region of tourism and economic growth.


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