Pendle doesn't Lovehoney

Pendle doesn’t Lovehoney

Rejected Pendle Logo

Rejected Pendle Logo

North-western British local council Pendle were fortunate to have councillor James Starkie in their fold. Starkie it seems has an eye for logo design and put together a heart based new design for the council. As a bonus part of the heart also becomes the “P” in Penile.

All seems well. Sure the logo is a little 1997, the heart shape is pretty inelegant and the crowbarring into the P vile, not to mention the Mars Bar tag line of “Pendle – The In Place to Live, Work and Play”.

But at some point in the £3,000 rebranding process some sharp card thought it looked a little like a logo they’d seen before, and it wasn’t an association they thought was good. They thought it looked a little like the logo of Lovehoney, an online adult toy retailer. And goodness me, one wouldn’t want to have a brand that matched that of a sex shop.


Lovehoney logo.

Lovehoney logo.

Only it doesn’t really look anything like it.

Not at all.

Yep, its a heart shape, and yes there’s a curve of sorts cutting into the heart, but there the similarity ends. The Pendle proposal looks more like Walls the icecream brand than Lovehoney.

But despite the none similarities, they’re not using it, which I figure is a good thing in the end.

via The Burnley and Pendle Citizen