PayPal - Drop Shadow for Transparencies

PayPal – Drop Shadow for Transparencies


Paypal, the mega online payment people have gone got’hemselves a new logo.

Bleary eyed this morning I noticed the PayPal app keen to push it’s latest update to my phone, it’s one of those apps I like to check and see what the new version will bring, payments in stores in France it seems, meh, but I did spot it was going to push a new icon featuring a new monogram.

My interest picked up! Over on some PayPal blog, they’re featuring the new brand designed by fuseproject. Gone is the “P” with the sort of second P drop shadow type effect and welcome to a couple of “P’s” overlapping with one showing through the other and the counters removed.

The old lettering, look at the inside of them P's and a's, ugh,

The old lettering, look at the inside of them P’s and a’s, ugh,

The accompanying lettering, modified Futura it seems, improves on the now defunct letters massively, I’ve never been comfortable with some of the curves they featured, especially in the counter elements within the P’s and a’s.

Is the update pioneering and groundbreaking? Nah. But the monogram update, the lettering improvement and the brighter colours gives it a great modern feel.

Old Monogram and app icon

Old Monogram and app icon

Will it make me use PayPal more? I doubt it sister. They’re competing offline now with the likes of the rather more trendy Square and  others such as iZettle for convenient small business payment gateways and this seems like a smart enough tweak to fit in the arena.

Here’s a very Apple like video with some marketing speil within. Shows some other thoughts that went into the design, although you wonder if they were staged for the cameras: