Colour me Happy - Major League Soccer Rebrand

Colour me Happy – Major League Soccer Rebrand


A fascinating rebrand by North American football league Major League Soccer sees the typical american sports association logo listed for something strikingly European.

Created in line with lots of changes to the league such as new clubs and stadiums, gone is the footy boot (cleat) and ball and welcome to a shield and stars!

The league press release is full of the usual hyberbole but references the nods to traditional worldwide football imagary which are pretty clear and really welcome.

In general it’s a modern paired down shield with MLS, the stars and a slash that breaks out of the form (its a logo of 2 halves don’t you know).

Most fascinating to my mind are the colour variations produced for each of the leagues clubs, which keep the features and elements of the logo but re hue them to match their own brand.

Each club it seems will use the MLS brand alongside there own badge to keep on brand but with relevant colours to keep within their own framework.

I’m not 100% clear how much the league brand is to  be used within club branding, I look at the UK premiership and they seem satisfied enough to allow an off colour premier league logo to appear on shirts and it doesn’t seem to ruin the clubs brand.

Perhaps MLS have more invasive plans with the shield, we’ll have to wait for jersey week to find out!


Club variations

Club variations