Tolyer - Font of the Week #2

Tolyer – Font of the Week #2


So this really will only be weekly at best, but I wanted to sneak this in because

a. I was thinking about it
b. it’s a good font and
c. it’s a tenner (£10) for the lot until tomorrow

So font of the erm.. week #2 is…


by Typesketchbook


I was drawn to it as it’s a big chunky san serif that reminded me of DIN which is obviously a good thing. However it’s available in 50 odd variations, including thin and light and obliques, plus some very coffee shop friendly distressed versions, 3D and woodcuts. The down is that it’s only a caps set, although it’s such a good caps set, with mainly vertical uprights (that I find helps enormously when setting and kerning capitals).

And as I say, you can grab all 50 for £10ish. Amazing. Even at full price it’s a chocking good deal I think. So head over and grab Tolyer to become part of your next logo!

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