Mama Bear - Font of the Week #4

Mama Bear – Font of the Week #4


mamaBear_FOTWMama Bear

by Hanoded

I find as Christmas approaches I’m almost always in need of a kid friendly handwriting font.

In a rush I can easily head to Kid Print or Marker Felt, thanks to Apple, but it’s rare that I’m happy with that.

So this year, as the need arose, I figured it was time to grab Mama Bear.

There’s nothing special or fancy about it, although the tall ascenders make it easy to differentiate letters and the capital “I’s” and lower “l’s” don’t risk looking the same as in some faces do give me the impression that it’s an easy font to read.

It has a marker felt feel to it an just enough jaggedness to look all cute and innocent.

Logo wise if you’re after something that differentiates from all those Comic Sans nursery logos out there, I can’t recommend Mama Bear any higher.

Go grab it at MyFonts.