Freeland - Font of the Week #5

Freeland – Font of the Week #5



by Laura Condouris



Freehand is nothing less than a simply beautiful hand penned calligraphic typeface.

It’s got a really inky feel to it and suits some of your more hipsters brands, ideal as exampled, for craft businesses, cafe’s and coffee shops.

An excellent bonus for a font like this is that the designer (calligrapher Laura Condouris) has taken the effort to ensure the caps set sit well together, a weakness of many script and brush script style fonts.

It’s another of those that could heartily carry your brand ahead with it’s unique style and careful structure.

As always, go grab it at MyFonts.


I don’t buy candles, but these look pretty.


I wish I could hand chalk like this.


Look! My coffee is so meta!


Yay! The caps sit together well!

Yay! The caps sit together well!