UFO broadband by Sky and TalkTalk

UFO broadband by Sky and TalkTalk

Venturethree have named and branded new fibre optic broadband service from Sky & TalkTalk “UFO” or Ultra Fibre Optic. With an initial launch in York, the service is set to become a 3rd solution for fibre broadband in the UK (the others being Virgin and BT).

The brand then takes the nice idea of the service being “ultra” (not sure if it’s ultra vs regular broadband or ultra vs the others) and making the UFO acronym.

Not a big leap then from the letters UFO to a big shiny UFO. And it’s a very lovely 1960’s style super glossy and rather friendly UFO. When animated it reflects and shines nicely.

The accompanying text is suitably futuristic if not the prettiest. Not at all convinced by the need to embolden the U, F and O when writing Ultra Fibre Optic (perhaps because they assume the good people of York don’t get acronyms).

The space age glowing letters are a simple shortcut to a close encounters like situation, if occasionally oddly applied.



Source: Sky and TalkTalk launch new “UFO” broadband brand