The Iceberg of Logo Perception

To cries of “the logo cost how much?” show this

These days when companies, organisations, sports teams and public bodies decide to change their branding, upon release Twitter explodes with cries of “how much”, “my mum could have done better” and “I’d do it for £20 on my hooky copy of photoshop”.

Designers rise up from their coffee and computers in defence of the cost but end up sounding defensive and bitter, especially if the end result is underwhelming (looking at you Gap).

Perhaps this infographic will help. It’s “The Iceberg of Logo Perception” that explains in visual form that the very public end of a branding project, usually the logo and perhaps a handful of early applications, is merely the tip of the iceberg. Like an iceberg, 90% of the mass is unseen. The bulk of the branding project goes unnoticed unless you know to look for it.

The Iceberg of Logo Perception

Lo! Tis The Iceberg of Logo Perception. 90% of it is unseen!