Do you like Facebook's new Face?

Do you like Facebook’s new Face?


Launched with no fanfare, Facebook have updated their logo with a little help from Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry.

The iconic “f” remains the same, it’s going nowhere soon, but the full name type mark has been updated in full.

Gone is the double story “a” and it’s ligature esq synergy with at crossbar of the “f”.  Everything’s a little rounder, the pinched “c” is more relaxed and the “b” gets itself a taller stem.

It’s not a revolution but it’s not a small change either, it’s a significant update from Klavika, upon which the original was based, to a custom face.

Bar the immense space the “oo’s” seem to take up, overall I think it’s a better word mark. My biggest struggle is that currently, it doesn’t look like Facebook, it looks like a copy with a font that’s similar, but not really very close. I suppose in a few moths time we’ll all get used to it as it starts to appear across the web, in shop windows and stuck on the back of vans.

Old Logo

Old Logo

There are still going to be endless numbers of old versions about, as well as people simply using the old version by accident or ignorance. I still see new items with Twitters old quiff wearing bird icon.

So Facebook’s new face? Do you Like?

Source: Using Facebook Brand Assets