Waving the Flag for Death to the Stock Photo

Waving the Flag for Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo (DttSP) share their branding process with a smartly shot video.

They charged Brandon Rike with an ambitious task of creating their new logo in a day, a design that would encompasses their goal of “…helping creatives live their passion, and do more great work”.

He managed it of course with a rousing  standard intended to be held aloft in celebration by creatives across the globe.

In other words a rather trendy and beautifully crafted mono-line flag logo with an eye on it.

I like it, but I always like things so well crafted, and kudos for doing it in such a short time, the guy has skills. It’s maybe not the most original and a tad too hipsterish, but it suits DttSP rather well, and I like the idea of an army of caffeine fuelled bespectacled Wacom wielding designers charging down a hill behind such a flag.

They also show a monospaced word mark in a square, and I can get behind designs like that as you can imagine.

Here’s the video. Nice studio by the way, we have the same Ikea shelving. Comparisons end there however.

Source: New Logo – Death to the Stock Photo