Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

Wonderful Illustration led brand for the fabulous sounding Larmer Tree Festival. Bristol based Fiasco Design have for me nailed the colour palette, the multiple green/blue shades offer a richness and quality that are accentuated by the bright accents.

LTF_logo_07-470x172And from where it came from(is that the free Wisdom Script or maybe Thirsty Script?), transforming the peacock from a small supporting element (that faces the wrong way?) to the now super proud specimen showing off his feathers rightly at the pinnacle of the logo.

The slightly wonky text works in this application, it could perhaps have used another round of kerning, especially on the L-A-R, and the “FESTIVAL” looks to be tipping slightly to the left, but that’s all being super picky because I really like it.

The supporting materials have lush illustrations by Gill Chantler that give that vintage festival vibe but don’t take it to the overly twee level. I dislike the overall look when the cream is introduced, especially on the website but having swathes of dark colour on information packed pages is perhaps best avoided.

We were commissioned to spruce up the Larmer Tree Festival visual identity and capture the eccentric Britishness of the gardens.

Source: Illustration-led visual identity for award-winning festival