Bó Burger and Fries Branding

Bó Burger and Fries Branding

Burger joints are all the range at the moment here in the UK. It seems the same is true in Poland where Bo Burger and Fries sell the kind of artisan sandwiches you pay a fair whack for.

That’s Ok though when the place looks and is advertised like it is. Graffiti like splashes of golden paint adorn the premises some excellent lino print style illustrations support the design, these are my favorite thing.

The logo itself is accomplished if not especially exciting but the rest of the application is fabulous.



With the combined efforts of hopa studio and Bó’s talented culinary team, this restaurant can proudly stand as one of the best burger joints in southern Poland.

Source: Bó Burger and fries — The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design