Daisy Grace Holographic Branding

Daisy Grace Holographic Branding

I enjoy super stripped back designs like this one for Swedish fashion brand Daisy Grace by Twenty Five Art House. It has some similarities to the Sally Beauty branding, both featuring strong serif typefaces front and centre. LL Brown I think in this case. Dispensing with any ornamentation, however (Sally Beauty featured a lipstick smear) the Daisy Grace design adds a little flair using Holographic foils on some of the labels.

That I love.

Working with finishes like this can turn what could be perceived as a simple design into an interesting and uttery premium solution.


Daisy Grace is a new Swedish fashion brand with dynamic collections that fit a wide variety of styles. The brand has two different personalities that reflect each other, where Daisy stands for the playful and Grace for the stylish. This was our inspiration for the logotype’s mirrored typography. The logotype is flexible and can change proportions depending on …

Source: Daisy Grace – 25AH