CAPE  Neurodiversity Branding

CAPE Neurodiversity Branding

An interesting identity with a unique goal by magneticNorth, who have been working with the BBC to develop the identity for a new project named CAPE (Creative a Positive Environment) which is a new diversity initiative that aims to raise awareness of the positive role neurodiversity can have in the workplace.

Neurodiversity refers to a range of neurological differences experienced by folks with things such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia.

Designed to be unfussy, clear icon the type is a purposefully straightforward font, this reflects some findings that “people on the autistic spectrum can find complex patterns unpleasant and distracting,” according to magneticNorth. “Likewise, the colour palette for the brand was intended to feel calming and accessible for all, yet bold enough to stand out amongst other campaigns.”

It seems like the projects goals match quite positively with current trends. Geometric fonts, flat smart simple shapes, warm generous gradients. Which leaves us with a really smart identity that looks great in my opinion. There’s not much by way of application, I’ve no idea what’s happening behind those 3D goggles, but there are some geometric icons that I think represent some typical neurological conditions, but I’m guessing.


Source: Celebrating neurodiversity – Magnetic North – Strategy, Design, Development, Digital Agency Manchester