Mozilla Open Design - Final 4

Mozilla Open Design – Final 4

Are you keeping an eye on Mozilla’s “Open Design” project, where the web firm attempt to use an open source model, in combination with design firm Johson Banks, to develop a new logo. The ‘open source’ has generally been centred on the original ideas segment before evolving into a feedback/giant focus group.

Four ideas remain, seen below, they range from cute to obscure via a bit bland.

Probable winner: My money’s on Protocol, with the // double slash, which is a shame because it’s a better idea than it’s execution allows, but the webtastic followers of the process are bound to like it.

If I could choose: I’m all about Burst. It’s edgy, uncomfortable and difficult; all things I think Mozilla should be.

Most fun: Dino 2.0 is the most fun, which won’t make it because it’s too kiddish, but I’d not be against it. I think they need to work on the eye, because without the movement I don’t see a dino.

Drop it: Flame doesn’t have much about it, it. The M is barely there and the whole dot thing seems too much dot-matrix for me, to retro.

Source: Progress in the making – Mozilla Open Design