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Coquitlam spends $5,000 on a tourism logo that won’t be used

If you’re going to identify that you don’t need a new logo for the promotion of tourism in your city, do it before you spend $5,000 on designing one.

I’ve no idea what type of place Coquitlam (a city in British Columbia, Canada.) is, and the Art Nouveau style french café sign lettering is by Array Web + Creative is appropriate or not (though looking at the language stats, it doesn’t look like an especially French part of the country), but the proposed design is a darn sight more interesting than sticking “tourism” is a pacific island like typeface above the city logo.

But that’s the way it is.

Top is the adjusted from the city brand and chosen logo, below is the design created by Array for $5,000, and rejected


A logo for a city of Coquitlam tourism marketing campaign that cost $5,000 to design has been shelved in favour of the municipality’s current corporate logo with the word “tourism” added above. . . .

Source: A tourism logo that cost city of Coquitlam $5,000 won’t be used