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Creating short reviews of new logos and re-brands, from big name companies and viewer submitted.


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Review Philosophy

The overall philosophy of is to provide positive and constructive feedback on logos and branding. This doesn’t mean you will only hear good things in reviews or that only good logos will be reviewed. Within the two main categories of logos that get reviewed on there will alway be three key elements that should remain:

Highlight the Positive

Someone has always put work into any logo, however big or small the project. Good things will be highlighted and celebrated!

Constrictive Criticism

Design is subjective, but certain fundamentals remain. Criticism is given in good faith and constructively.

Never Sneering

It can be easy to provide reviews laden with unkindness and a sneering tone. All video reviews will avoid this.

(I have in the past been guilty of this in the text archive).

Review Policy

There are generally three types of video review here on, Brand Reviews, Logo Shorts and Viewer Subs. Each has the same review philosophy but slightly different review policies:

Brand Reviews

Logo projects that have some kind of investment because the brand is well-known or may have an impact on the world wider than the design industry. Perhaps they represent something lots of folks are familiar with.

Likely to be the most harshly critiqued of all due to the well known nature of existing or previous branding and the investment folks have in a larger brand.

Logo Shorts

Quick and straight to the point reviews of new logos in the wild! These will perhaps be of well known brands or new products from existing big brands.

More likely they will be intriguing designs that have caught my eye from across the web. As such expect a mostly positive lilt to logo shorts!

Viewer Subs

When viewers submit a logo, it will go into the queue of submitted logos. Viewers should provide as much context and information about their design using the online submission form. There’s no guarantee any specific logo will be reviewed or logos will be reviewed in submission order. Logos that are felt more interesting may be reviewed first.


Want to see your work on

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Kieran Harrod

Kieran is a bona fide graphics geek with two screens, lots of arty stuff in his home office and a habit of doodling everywhere. Graphics is ‘his thing’. he does colour, textures, patterns, depth. Kieran go where you don’t expect. Kieran likes different, new and bold. He strives for design excellence at all times. He is award-winning.


He cares, actually really cares. He invest himself. So much so, he limits the number of projects he takes on. He cares about your story, your passion, your plans and your brand. He care about people and places and the future and all kinds of things.

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Kieran Harrod is a freelance designer based in the United Kingdom. more…


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Submit a Designs for Review

I’d be delighted to receive your recommendations for brands and logos to review. All submissions should provide a link to a portfolio page or case study with multiple images. The more information you can provide, the more likely a brand will be reviewed.

Only real projects will be reviewed, please don’t link to concept logos or proposed rebrands.

Submission does not guarantee a review. Size, quality and other subjective factors all play into what might be reviewed.

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