ICC World Test Championship Logo looks like Space Baseball


Someone call Aggers, the ICC have gotten cricket mixed up with some futuristic Tron like space baseball game.

There’s a great deal of craft gone into this brand and logo which is something to be respected, the work itself is good. I can see why they’ve arrived at this solution too, the ICC in their unrelenting wisdom wish to continually push the game forward (it’s often accuses of an Indian influenced body, as cricket is BIG money in India so the ICC get good money from that part of the world)

But a chrome globe?

This is just not cricket!

It’s tricky to tell if I’m really there target market (rather than the indian subcontinent), but this logo is for the most traditional form of the game, the one I enjoy the most, where I can sit with the radio on all day listening to the runs idle away with the odd moment of despair or joy. If I’m lucky I can go to Trent Bridge and watch a days play, with a newspaper.

But out goes any thought of history, in comes this abomination of a crickeball/globe with some weak explanation about the “paths” to the finals and some stumps.

Trouble is it looks like a futuristic baseball glove capturing a space baseball.

And the flat version? Ugh.

“The brand identity is instantly linked to cricket and communicates the new modern journey Test cricket is taking. It represents the pinnacle of cricketing achievement, emulating the style, passion and legacy of Test cricket and builds a solid foundation for the new tournament.”

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