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British Telcoms giant BT has been moving itself away (since privatisation) from it’s core original purpose of providing the UK with phone lines to a multitude of services we begin to expect from our telephone wires such as broadband, fibre and TV. (On a  side note, there’s a fascinating story about Kingston Communications, a regional operator of telephony in northern town Hull who continue to hold out to some extent from BT’s all encompassing size.)

Last year BT won some rights to UK Premiership Football, a bastion of the Murdoch controlled Sky TV’s offering. This disruptive offer is designed to promote BT’s TV down the line offering, BT Vision, for which the “Vision” has just been dropped and I’m not sure what they’re calling it, TV form BT or something.

This purchase took BT into broadcasting and they launched their own sports channel, where before their TV platform carried others content.

Before the weekend BT also brought the rights to European football super competition, The Champions League and sister tournament the UEFA Cup. They paid a great deal for exclusive rights, where before free to air channel ITV shared the rights with Sky.

Coincidence or not, BT Visions (now BT TV or whatever) have launched a channel rebrand, and a smart one I think. They’ve taken the Vision off and focussed on the BT logo, which is a rather generic telecom globe thing with coloured dots, which I don’t think has a great deal to shout about and it’s been animated as a container for all sorts of content from watery swirls to children characters.

These TV idents are my favourite part of the setup, the supporting on screen information and graphics are sharp enough but don;t hold the same level of character.

Design team Weareseventeen are also working on the UI of the tv box operating system.

Weareseventeen has created a new on-air identity for television platform BT Vision, scrapping the ‘vision’ from the service’s title.

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On Screen Example
On Screen Examples
The (not new) BT Sport Logo, which is atrocious
The (not new) BT Sport Logo, which is atrocious


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