Aro 27 Bike Cafe – get on yer bike



Seriferia have created this rather tasty identity for Aro 27, a bike cafe in Brasil. It’s a little hipster but a lot good. I really love the simple characters which help visitors navigate the Cafe.


“At the end of 2012 we were approached by a couple of entrepreneurs who asked us to develop the face of the business they were about to create — a bike café called Aro 27. We developed the logo, menu, icon set, and signage for the new café.

It’s the first place in Brasil with this concept. You can have lunch, buy a bicycle and accessories, chill out at the reading area or terrace, and also park your bicycle and have a shower before going to work.”

found via Stationary Overdose

aro-27-bike-cafe-01 aro-27-bike-cafe-06 aro-27-bike-cafe-08