Airbus Group – 200BC Rome called, they want their chisels back


Airbus, the European (but really global) aircraft maker is putting out some pretty big planes these days, in the form of the Airbus 380, with its large capacity, fuel efficient and abnormally quiet design (plus with options to mount the excellent and local to me Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine).

Parent company EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space company) have decided that the EADS and sub-brands, Cassidium, Eurocopter and Astrium, don’t hold much value and they’ve taken Airbus on as the overall identity, which seems like a good idea.

2010 Rebrand Family
2010 Rebrand Family

Lambie-Nairn were tasked with the update, they previously created the last EADS redesign in 2010, where they created the chiseled text you can see and solidified the sub brands.

The new update is then an evolution of this moving EADS out of the game entirely and putting Airbus front and centre. There was obviously no demand for an overhaul and the chiselled text looks strong and secure, important values I think for aerospace brands. It does lose the linking ligature that gave a touch of style between the A and D or EADS.

Pre 2010 Airbus with symbol
Pre 2010 Airbus with symbol

I’m not keen on the supporting icons that were developed last time and seem to have been evolved this time, it’s very early 2000’s with a shaded shiny circle supporting the icons, and a real step back on the actual Airbus brand from the smart flat swooshes of pre 2010 and the soft globular nature seems to sit in contrast to the sharp text.

I’d not normally hear the word chisel + logo and be happy at all but overall the adjustment is good despite the chisel created, perhaps because it’s such a bold and confident effect, and I’m sure the move to Airbus will be worthwhile.

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Sub Brand Example, Cassidian is now Airbus Defence and Security (previously to that it was EADS Defence and Security)
Sub Brand Example, Cassidian is now Airbus Defence and Security (previously to that it was EADS Defence and Security)
Pre 2010 Family
Pre 2010 Family




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