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Beiersdorf logo 2014


Beiersdorf logo

German personal care giant, makers of Nivea have rolled out a new softened logo which eschews Helvetica and a bunch of dots for a word-mark only solution set in a soft rounded but still helvetica like face. They’ve also adopted the blue of Nivea which is slightly darker, created by JustinBlue.

The 2013 Nivea logo

It’s interesting that they’ve gone softer, I suppose it’s the theme of globalmegacorp putting on a friendly face, but their 2013 update of the Nivea brand really accentuated the spikiness of the letters.




Made in Britain

mibclotheslabel_0Extensively covered across the web, a new “Made in Britain” logo was launched this week. It replaces a lacklustre tick with a bold strong slice of a stylised Union flag. There’s been some criticism that the mark, which can be rotated and coloured to suit, can point down but in application I suspect we we’ll see it pointing upwards as folks start to use it for real.

The replaced logo

Created by The Partners, I think it’s a successful brand and I’ll be looking out for it. UK manufacturers can apply to use the logo at

It replaces this student designed tick first put together by Stoves.





Business supplies goliath Staples are trying to be cute with their existing logo but swapping out the “staple” L with other products it supplies. Attempting to inform customers about their push beyond their traditional office products, especially online, swapping out more unusual for Staples products.

The more sensible “Staple L”

Oh and its an awful plan especially when using dog biscuits. Not even dog biscuit companies would put dog biscuits in their logo.

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