Muller – Font of the Week #7







by Font Fabric

It’s tempting to make my font of the week posts all about fancy, pretty new fonts, the latest cool thing going. This week however it’s a font I’ve used for a client. It’s a carefully crafted geometric font with a full set of weights.

Muller by Font Fabric  comes with a complete range of figure options, including proportional and old style figures, each in its tabular version. It also includes advanced typographic features such as ligatures, fractions, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, superscripts and subscripts.

What I really like about Muller is the character that it gives to your typical geometric such as Futura or my personal favourite Avenir.

I’m most keen on the lighter versions. The “k” is great with a horizontal cross piece and the “t” is just lovely. Overall the font has some width to it, making small sizes more legible, but as a family it can be pressed into us from body text to headlines without issue.

Whats more, you can try out Muller for free in thin and extra bold, or buy what you need from the ever excellent Myfonts Muller page.

muller01 muller02 muller13 muller06

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