New Logo for UK Charity Commission

Charity Commission Logo

logosThe UK’s Charity Commission “registers and regulates charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.”

British charities have had a bit of a hammering recently with trust being called into question and the Commissions oversight seen as a little lacking.

Old Logo
The logo it replaces.

Launching a new identity by the governmental in-house design team Design102 to coincide with the 2016 Annual Report. It’s essentially a fancier version of the governmental crown seen all over the website with some sensibly placed text.

I’d be tempted to run it without the fine lined box around the crown, the weight of which matches nothing.


The Charity Commission has unveiled new branding ahead of the publication of its annual report later today.


Source: Charity governance and trustee news – Charity Commission launches new logo