1930’s Branding at Tredegar House

Some excellent vintage branding on show at a visit to the excellent Tredegar House near Newport, Wales. We’re fully paid up National Trust members. For those outside of the UK, the National Trust is a middle-class club targetted at families and the elderly, which allows you to visit old properties (usually given up by their owners in the mid to late 20th century thanks to inheritance taxes), gardens, parklands, and estates, plus a sprinkling of protected coastline and national park areas.

We swung by this one on our way home (they usually have a tea room that serves good lunch) and enjoyed it very much. The house is laid out in a couple of periods spanning the history of the home. Some early 17th century rooms from when it was first built and furnished then skipping forward to a later heyday in the 1930’s, before the decline of the British country house. Inside it’s very hands on, great for munchkins. It was a tad damp so we didn’t explore the gardens or have time to visit the 90-acre parklands.

And the 1930’s rooms that have some excellent period pieces on display, including Newport’s first telephone (call “Newport 1”). Below are a few snaps of branding on display.

Back to normal service for the rest of the week!

A Schweppes Decanter
British Made Sterling Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd.
Kents Knife Cleaner
Betty Butter Brand Biscuits!
Tredegar House from the formal gardens
Tredegar House from the formal gardens