Camila Font – A Didone Style Font

Heading once again down the inspiration route this week with the Camila font by Latinotype. We’ve had a few fashion brands recently pumping out the stylish but safe san-serif centred fonts (Daisy Grace and Sally Beauty). Camila could be another answer to a fashion brand, indeed it’s inspired by that most classic of brands, Coco-Chanel.

A didone style font, that is a modern serif with thick contrasting uprights vs light horizontals (perhaps Didot is the most well-known example), Camila forgoes the ball terminals that many such fonts feature and it’s perhaps cleaner and more contemporary because of it?

Utilising the Camila font in your brand will instantly add a mid-century style to proceedings, think classic fashion magazines and cigarettes perched on the end of long plastic holders. It also chimes well with the 1970’s book cover typography revival that has heated up further with the whole Stranger Things typography buzz.

The wider family is packed with styles and weights so should do you for any wider publication or branding job, and they’re all rather well put together.

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Here’s what the authors say about the Camila font:

Camila is a delicate and smooth Didone typeface designed by Paula Nazal.

The family is inspired by concepts such as elegance, simplicity, femininity, and primarily based on Coco Chanel.

A remarkable feature of this font is that it lacks teardrop terminals, characteristic of Didone typefaces.

This font of thin serifs and soft finishes also includes italics, strengthening the concept of its design. A great variety of shapes makes Camila an ideal font for both display and small sizes.

Camila is the perfect choice for branding and publishing projects.. This font family comes in 7 weights, ranging from Thin to Black, each with matching italics and includes a set of 426 characters that support 206 different languages.

Go grab it at MyFonts: Camila

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