Ubisoft Logo – Smack a Swirl with an Ugly Stick

Well, the march of the flat design with geometric text continues as the Ubisoft logo, once a gradient happy, shiny early 2000’s swirl design, with a 2 colour replacement swirl with broken and abrupt terminals formed from very thick strokes.

Accompanied by a geometric sans serif that takes a small twist by breaking the circle of the O in a similar way to the logo mark.

I’ve no tears for the loss of the old one, though I always figure, if chromed, lit, gradient-heavy logos belong anywhere, it’s perhaps at the start of video games accompanied by a catchy sound wave.

new ubisoft logo

Trouble is, with e jarring terminals and broken O, the new Ubisoft logo is frankly ugly as heck. It looks like the creator had trouble with the curves in Illustrator (they can be tricky to use) and the O looks like a mistake.

I’m sure it’ll be easier to apply across the digital and physical realms Ubisoft operate in, but I don’t like it.

Ubisoft logo history
Ubisoft logo history

Source: Say Hello to the New Ubisoft Swirl – UbiBlog – Ubisoft®