Peckham Digital Festival

 Zeynep Basay  and  Cem hasimi  pairs a super simple “pd” monogram that uses a binary code “101” as its construction. This is combined with some textured geometric shapes with some smart orange/magenta/aqua gradientst that look just fab!

Peckham Digital is a new festival celebrating creative computing in London, with a programme of interactive artworks, artist workshops, talks and events. The festival is scheduled over a 4 day weekend with an exhibition of a range of interactive digital artworks from emerging artists. Following a “hands dirty” approach it aims to provide free workshops and talks. The workshops are accessible and beginner-friendly and revolved around the themes of physical computing, generative design, internet equalities and ethics. where the audience can pick up skills that they can then develop at home using open source tools. The aim is to build an annual event, with this first festival as the foundation on which it builds future sustainability, based on the audience, organisations and artists. We were asked to design the brand identity of this festival. The idea we came up with is to create the initials of Peckham Digital, “p” and “d”, out of the binary code (IOI). Then, we combined basic geometric forms to design the rest of the assets.

Source: Peckham Digital Festival on Behance

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