Rocking a pastel “Memphis corporate” feel, this brand by Mira Mortada and Lusty and Bloom (managing to overcome the France-UK animosity) for sustainable fashion brand Quinn Hop is all sorts of comforting and earthy. We were asked by the Kuwaiti sustainable fashion brand, Quinn Hop to create a branding, a website and a pop-up launch for the […]

I’d love to imagine I’d be organised enough to never need a mobile recharge service if I owned an EV, but if I did and I wasn’t I’d want this RR van rocking up to sort me out! Logo by Self Studio on Behance. Recharge Rescue Source: Recharge Rescue on Behance

 Zeynep Basay  and  Cem hasimi  pairs a super simple “pd” monogram that uses a binary code “101” as its construction. This is combined with some textured geometric shapes with some smart orange/magenta/aqua gradientst that look just fab! Peckham Digital is a new festival celebrating creative computing in London, with a programme of interactive artworks, artist workshops, talks and events. The […]

Two striking elements combine to make Humble by Xavier Humbert a cheery brand to enjoy.  TT Trailers Black with it’s idiosyncratic condensed M and B does the heavy lifting on the word mark and a “humble” king, who’s swapped his crown for a snazzy hat. I’m not sure it’s an original illustration, but I’ll give it […]

In what Millennials are calling “the worst idea ever”, I’ve taken into the wild world of TikTok. If that’s your thing, then you can experience my #logoshorts reviews you can enjoy one of these below. Currently I’m just uploading my regular reviews, but if I get 100 subscribers, I may do whatever popular […]

I worked on a branding project down in Walthamstowe just as lockdown kicked in, it had a sprinkle of William Morris as inspiration (we even did some community lino printing) so this one peaked my interest when it hit my feed. Created by Arthur Stovell of mondial it mostly eschews the heavy pattern most famously linked […]

Led by a colourful splurgy, speckled pattern, this design for Dinamo by Ana Nieto Ortega adds some real energy to the previous design. I want to criticise the mono-case “N” because I’m not convinced it adds much, but it is correctly weighted and doesn’t stick out in the logo. I’d be tempted to drop it […]

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