Yahoo! Logo 2019
Yahoo! trumpeted a new logo back in 2013, designed alongside then CEO Marissa Mayer.It was underwhelming. A new design appears courtesy of Pentagram, which follows the seemly endless trend of the bold sans geometric. Ir’s differently underwhelming, though the “y!” element yes have character and some panache. A switch to all lowercase from all caps […]
Always a sucker for simplicity, this branding for Canadian fancy skincare company Adama by Anagrama is looking good. I really like the herb illustration, the hints of gold and the logo type is a refreshing choice, it has character and style, it’s distinctive when looked at alongside other high-end skincare brands who recently seem to play […]
Some tidy work by 25ah for Berghs School of Communication, featuring some lovely line illustrations, a smart looking serif font and a spoonful of yellow. Brief today, but lovely…   Berghs is one of the world’s leading schools specialised in communication. It has been awarded “School of the Year“ 5 times over the past 8 years […]
      How can you be sure that those little trapezoidal blue tablets you buy from the internet are going to lift you in the way you expect? The EU wants you to trust websites that display a new green logo, accompanied by a national flag and text, to ensure you’re buying genuine drugs. […]
It seems that your logo matters more and more when you’re running for President of the USA. Ben Carson scales his back a notch. The brand overhaul comes nearly two months after he jumped into the race. Source: Ben Carson Ditches Campaign Logo for a Better One – Bloomberg Politics
The Iceberg of Logo Perception
These days when companies, organisations, sports teams and public bodies decide to change their branding, upon release Twitter explodes with cries of “how much”, “my mum could have done better” and “I’d do it for £20 on my hooky copy of photoshop”. Designers rise up from their coffee and computers in defence of the cost […]
Venturethree have named and branded new fibre optic broadband service from Sky & TalkTalk “UFO” or Ultra Fibre Optic. With an initial launch in York, the service is set to become a 3rd solution for fibre broadband in the UK (the others being Virgin and BT). The brand then takes the nice idea of the service […]
Karoline Tynes gave herself 60 minutes a day to design 60 logos in 60 days. There’s some super nice ideas and great designs. The Camp design is great. How long before the whole lot is lifted by an unscrupulous Elance designer? Source: KAROLINE TYNES DESIGN — 60 LOGOS IN 60 DAYS
In Brief, pointing you towards worthwhile logo and branding articles from across the web. Beiersdorf German personal care giant, makers of Nivea have rolled out a new softened logo which eschews Helvetica and a bunch of dots for a word-mark only solution set in a soft rounded but still helvetica like face. They’ve also adopted […]

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