Springfield Ohio Logo
The City of Springfield has unveiled a new brand and logo, city officials announced today. The logo features blue and white tones with a tagline “FORWARD TOGETHER,” a brand that reflects the community’s commitment to progress and unity, said City Manager Bryan Heck. “Two years ago, we committed to better communication with the community, and […]
City of Eau Claire
The logo references rivers, trees and downtown. The city says they like to think of the new logo as a reflection of our history blended with the achievements of today and the vibrancy of the future. Source: New City of Eau Claire logo revealed
In a masterstroke of self-flagellation, Antioch City (the second largest city in Contra Costa County, California, US, a suburb of California) have selected a new logo that highlights that “Opportunity Lives Here”. Only trouble from my end is that the design chosen by the city council, highlights that the city is “Anti-Opportunity” thanks to the […]
Well, the march of the flat design with geometric text continues as the Ubisoft logo, once a gradient happy, shiny early 2000’s swirl design, with a 2 colour replacement swirl with broken and abrupt terminals formed from very thick strokes. Accompanied by a geometric sans serif that takes a small twist by breaking the circle of the […]
I like the double Tokyo (it reminds me of the line, “so good they named it twice, and I love Japanese inks and geometric sans serifs), but the placement and size of the tag-line is odd, to say the least, and the introduction of the “stamp” utterly unnecessary and pretty much unhelpful. It all combines […]
FCA Logo
  £70k for a new FCA logo? Worth it…? The industry-funded Financial Conduct Authority has spent almost £70,000 on a refresh of its brand, including a brand new logo designed by Saatchi & Source: The Financial Conduct Authority just spent £70,000 on a new logo, including hiring a Saatchi & Saatchi agency | City A.M.
Big in so many ways, Verizon, the US telecoms mega company who have purchased AOL and are in the process of purchasing Yahoo, are planning to roll the two companies into a new brand called Oath: (not sure if the : is just a graphic device or part of the name). Here are two former gargantuan […]
“The new branding has been designed by German consultancy Illion Markensocietaet, and features a brighter colour palette and more three-dimensional look.”   Source: Aldi rebrands to appear more “contemporary” – Design Week
Are you keeping an eye on Mozilla’s “Open Design” project, where the web firm attempt to use an open source model, in combination with design firm Johson Banks, to develop a new logo. The ‘open source’ has generally been centred on the original ideas segment before evolving into a feedback/giant focus group. Four ideas remain, seen […]

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