In a masterstroke of self-flagellation, Antioch City (the second largest city in Contra Costa County, California, US, a suburb of California) have selected a new logo that highlights that “Opportunity Lives Here”. Only trouble from my end is that the design chosen by the city council, highlights that the city is “Anti-Opportunity” thanks to the […]
Well, the march of the flat design with geometric text continues as the Ubisoft logo, once a gradient happy, shiny early 2000’s swirl design, with a 2 colour replacement swirl with broken and abrupt terminals formed from very thick strokes. Accompanied by a geometric sans serif that takes a small twist by breaking the circle of the […]
Big in so many ways, Verizon, the US telecoms mega company who have purchased AOL and are in the process of purchasing Yahoo, are planning to roll the two companies into a new brand called Oath: (not sure if the : is just a graphic device or part of the name). Here are two former gargantuan […]
“The new branding has been designed by German consultancy Illion Markensocietaet, and features a brighter colour palette and more three-dimensional look.”   Source: Aldi rebrands to appear more “contemporary” – Design Week
New Calvin Klein Logo 2017
Fashion heavyweights Calvin Klein revealed a new logo via Instagram the other day. It’s an all uppercase design, with somewhat less tall characters than the previous design, and less pointy. It’s pleasingly kerned too. A collaboration between Calvin Kleins new creative director, Raf Simon and graphic designer Peter Saville, and I’m sure it’ll do the […]
Natwest have gone and turned their pointy arrows back a retro notch and updated their logo with a blast from the 1960’s (following CO-OP‘s lead). It’s all very accomplished, though the gradient’s not quite as exciting as the 60’s original, and they also abandon it for all the supporting materials, with things such as icons and […]
Hot on the heels of Deliveroo, takeaway app Just Eat have launched a rebrand of their own. Just Eat are an intermediary between the customer and the takeaway, via the web or a mobile app consumers can discover and order food from a range of local takeaways in their area. In my graphic design day […]
Dell, the people who make computers have to me, always be Dell, the people who do computers. I had a pretty awful Dell Vostro laptop once at a place I worked, it was weighty and creaky, had huge gaps in the plastic frame and a really poor screen,the trackpad was unusable. This was all at […]
Food bloggers are getting lots of attention, people don’t cook recipes from books but search online for them, often from their favorite famous celebs or blogs. Bloggers coining phrases like ‘clean eating’ seem to get a great deal of traction. Ella Mills who is better known as Delicious Ella has broken out from the internet with […]

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