Finding an appropriate solution which is concentrated on the unique aspects of the entity your branding is usually the holy grail of identity design. The branding for a bank should ideally assure it’s customers that said bank is a reliable place to store their money. For an energy drink, you’d expect something with more playfulness […]

Hrivnak Academy is “an educational program of Hrivnak consulting company focused on brand. It is a set of interactive courses and workshops that take place at various interesting locations” and is based in the Czech Republic. Which is all fabulous I’m sure. I’m also sure that the ligature logo they’ve (as in agency Hrivnak) developed is absolutely fab. […]

This identity for Distrito Films by Anagrama oozes class to me. Again quality papers printed and debossed with subtle lines and shapes which reflect video calibration patterns all topped off with a hint of “live recording” red. I think the text is Futura (Heavy?), which is good for me though the “S’s” always seem too squashed, especially with an […]

The UK’s Charity Commission “registers and regulates charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.” British charities have had a bit of a hammering recently with trust being called into question and the Commissions oversight seen as a little lacking. Launching a new identity by the governmental in-house design […]

Comprehensive black and white identity for Maru, which is delightfully applied across a wide range of items. The alphabet and lettering is a touch of a stretch, but when used a little more abstractly, such as on the door signage, works pretty decently. Maru means “perfection” in Japanese, and the architectural firm that adopted the […]

Marston’s is a British public house operator and brewer. It operates over 2,000 pubs in the UK, and is the world’s largest brewer of cask ale. 90 per cent of profits come from the pubs division. (Wikipedia) When we went out as a family back in the day, it was almost certainly to a Marston’s pub, they are pretty much […]

Broken Bow is a city in Custer County, Nebraska, United States. The population was 3,559 at the 2010 census. It’s not a big place then, but as you know, I love a tale of governmental logo rebrands gone awry aka City Logo Fails, and despite it’s size, Broken Bows is a good tale. Around 12 […]

Super quick on this one as time is short but I wanted to link across to it after discussing the Wellington logo earlier. Fellow antipodean capital city, Canberra, has launched its own brand, logo and accompanying website, which showcases the brand by Coordinate well I think. As an extra bonus, like the Wellington logo, it’s yellow […]

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