No. The Symantec logo didn’t cost $1,280,000,000. If you hover around branding design circles for any length of time, you’ll almost certainly encounter articles titled things such as “Worlds most expensive logos” or “You’ll never guess how much these companies logos cost!”. Sitting  at one end is usually Coca-Cola, that technically cost £0 when it was hand […]

Swiss electronics firm Logitech switches out it’s confused eye with a teal splurge thing for a clean word mark with a smile. Wired discusses Logitechs CEO Bracken Darrell move from design focussed Braun to engineering focused Logitech in 2012 and how this began Logitechs move  from making great PC mice (selling it’s BILLIONTH in 2008) to […]

Computing mega-beheomoth Hewlett Packard (HP) is slicing itself in two, separating the computer and printer operations from the server and business side. On April 15th, Meg Whitman, HP’s President & CEO introduced the new look for the business arm, now called Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in a blog post somewhat reminiscent of Marissa Mayer’s sycophantic pronouncement […]

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