Zeynep Basay  and  Cem hasimi  pairs a super simple “pd” monogram that uses a binary code “101” as its construction. This is combined with some textured geometric shapes with some smart orange/magenta/aqua gradientst that look just fab! Peckham Digital is a new festival celebrating creative computing in London, with a programme of interactive artworks, artist workshops, talks and events. The […]

I worked on a branding project down in Walthamstowe just as lockdown kicked in, it had a sprinkle of William Morris as inspiration (we even did some community lino printing) so this one peaked my interest when it hit my feed. Created by Arthur Stovell of mondial it mostly eschews the heavy pattern most famously linked […]

So hot, it’s cool! I can sometimes be guilty of featuring brands with a certain style that checks some of my boxes, especially when there’s nothing “big” on my radar from some huge multinational. So today’s effort isn’t sparklingly new, but it did appear in my feed towards the end of August. It’s also not […]

Swiss electronics firm Logitech switches out it’s confused eye with a teal splurge thing for a clean word mark with a smile. Wired discusses Logitechs CEO Bracken Darrell move from design focussed Braun to engineering focused Logitech in 2012 and how this began Logitechs move  from making great PC mice (selling it’s BILLIONTH in 2008) to […]

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