The City of Springfield has unveiled a new brand and logo, city officials announced today. The logo features blue and white tones with a tagline “FORWARD TOGETHER,” a brand that reflects the community’s commitment to progress and unity, said City Manager Bryan Heck. “Two years ago, we committed to better communication with the community, and […]

Super quick on this one as time is short but I wanted to link across to it after discussing the Wellington logo earlier. Fellow antipodean capital city, Canberra, has launched its own brand, logo and accompanying website, which showcases the brand by Coordinate well I think. As an extra bonus, like the Wellington logo, it’s yellow […]

One theme which always makes it’s appearance in my new logo alert stream are designs for US Cities or municipal authorities of all types. They rarely make it onto the blog as usually their quality or significance is relatively low. However with some regularity these logos have a story of some sort behind them, often […]

From branding a country to branding a city in this case the Dutch city of Eindhoevn. Both city and country identities can encounter similar issues, governments, councils and business usually see the case for a strong brand to promote them but the general public tend to see the costs associated as a waste and usually […]

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