Heading once again down the inspiration route this week with the Camila font by Latinotype. We’ve had a few fashion brands recently pumping out the stylish but safe san-serif centred fonts (Daisy Grace and Sally Beauty). Camila could be another answer to a fashion brand, indeed it’s inspired by that most classic of brands, Coco-Chanel. A didone […]

If there’s a trend that won’t go away in type at the moment (other than a resurgence of 1970’s style type) it’s fancy-dan brush script fonts. Meltow by Typesketchbook then ticks pretty much every box going, thick bold brush like letters? Check. Thin flowing script? Check. Distressed scratchy variation? Check! Knock yourself out then with this […]

  Logomotion by TipoType I try in my font of the week posts to discover and share great fonts that I think will serve well within branding projects or super typefaces that are perhaps a little unknown and I’ve used myself recently. I’ve tended to steer towards more display type fonts with oodles of character because, […]

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