A tasty bit of branding for a Tuesday post Bank Holiday. The Marmalade Pantry is a small chain of 3 outlets in Singapore. Alongside the opening of a new bistro in the Oasia Hostel, Bravo has created a new identity for the brand. With some delicious colour combinations and a smart olive branch illustration, the whole […]

When you’re a King (one assumes) you don’t simply print your letterheads from your office inkjet. When accepting invitations to visit from other global monarchs such as our very own Queen (aka Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms […]

With a super chunky custom typeface, this brand by A Friend of Mine presses some satisfying buttons with its focus on that text and simplicity throughout. We collaborated with United Measures to create a ’tilted’ frameWe collaborated with United Measures to create a ’tilted’ frameCreditsDesign: Suzy Tuxen & Cassie Brock. The signage was a collaboration […]

Planer is  an online and offline guide to selected cultural events in Tricity, Poland. It’s designed for Cultural Institute of Gdańsk and includes a website, outdoor posters, infographics, print materials and more. The logo is a super paired down icon representation of a notepad page accompanied by a very bold geometric sans serif. The of […]

Computing mega-beheomoth Hewlett Packard (HP) is slicing itself in two, separating the computer and printer operations from the server and business side. On April 15th, Meg Whitman, HP’s President & CEO introduced the new look for the business arm, now called Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in a blog post somewhat reminiscent of Marissa Mayer’s sycophantic pronouncement […]

There’s something I find uncomfortable about the idea that a law firm isn’t a tool for defence but rather a weapon of expansion. This idea that legal services, closely embedded into a business in a proactive way can help grow that business is central to this Wolff Olins identity for Nixon Peabody. I suspect that […]

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