Zeynep Basay  and  Cem hasimi  pairs a super simple “pd” monogram that uses a binary code “101” as its construction. This is combined with some textured geometric shapes with some smart orange/magenta/aqua gradientst that look just fab! Peckham Digital is a new festival celebrating creative computing in London, with a programme of interactive artworks, artist workshops, talks and events. The […]

When they say “lets use a gradient on our logo”, you say “HOLD ON!” and show them this: For this, my friends is the 1 colour solution for Barclaycard’s “orange peel” globe logo. I spotted it on a banner advertising the Barclaycard Arena (which, following the trend for calling venues after sponsors, is the new name for […]

The endless reach of supermarkets out of groceries towards other consumer goods continues with this foray by Sainsbury’s into the world of mobile phone resellers. Sainsbury is a  mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) carried by Vodaphone. Tesco has been operating its own MVNO for some time and thanks to some heavy advertising holds the budget corner of […]

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