St. Petersberg agency Science have put together this fabulous identity for, sellers of all things warming in Russian homes. Centred around illustrated stoves and fireplaces, with designs good enough to have as a print on my office wall. Produced in just 2 colours, a peachy red and brown, they look outstanding. The logo itself takes a […]

If you’re running a medial system one thing that’s true is you’ve gotta store information, vital medical records that will help diagnose ailments for years to come. Does the management and storage of that information need a brand? EMIAS think so and they’ve gone and got themselves a new one. Should that brand look like […]

I love a squirrel. But at no point have I been to a zoo and rushed to see the Squirrels. Or the Pheasant or Pelican. The Dolphin maybe. Why the design team behind Moscow Zoo’s updated 150th anniversary identity thought placing some rather mundane animals front and centre was a great idea I haven’t the […]

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