St. Petersberg agency Science have put together this fabulous identity for, sellers of all things warming in Russian homes. Centred around illustrated stoves and fireplaces, with designs good enough to have as a print on my office wall. Produced in just 2 colours, a peachy red and brown, they look outstanding. The logo itself takes a […]

This identity for Distrito Films by Anagrama oozes class to me. Again quality papers printed and debossed with subtle lines and shapes which reflect video calibration patterns all topped off with a hint of “live recording” red. I think the text is Futura (Heavy?), which is good for me though the “S’s” always seem too squashed, especially with an […]

Comprehensive black and white identity for Maru, which is delightfully applied across a wide range of items. The alphabet and lettering is a touch of a stretch, but when used a little more abstractly, such as on the door signage, works pretty decently. Maru means “perfection” in Japanese, and the architectural firm that adopted the […]

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