I worked on a branding project down in Walthamstowe just as lockdown kicked in, it had a sprinkle of William Morris as inspiration (we even did some community lino printing) so this one peaked my interest when it hit my feed. Created by Arthur Stovell of mondial it mostly eschews the heavy pattern most famously linked […]

Hrivnak Academy is “an educational program of Hrivnak consulting company focused on brand. It is a set of interactive courses and workshops that take place at various interesting locations” and is based in the Czech Republic. Which is all fabulous I’m sure. I’m also sure that the ligature logo they’ve (as in agency Hrivnak) developed is absolutely fab. […]

Planer is  an online and offline guide to selected cultural events in Tricity, Poland. It’s designed for Cultural Institute of Gdańsk and includes a website, outdoor posters, infographics, print materials and more. The logo is a super paired down icon representation of a notepad page accompanied by a very bold geometric sans serif. The of […]

Super quick on this one as time is short but I wanted to link across to it after discussing the Wellington logo earlier. Fellow antipodean capital city, Canberra, has launched its own brand, logo and accompanying website, which showcases the brand by Coordinate well I think. As an extra bonus, like the Wellington logo, it’s yellow […]

I love a squirrel. But at no point have I been to a zoo and rushed to see the Squirrels. Or the Pheasant or Pelican. The Dolphin maybe. Why the design team behind Moscow Zoo’s updated 150th anniversary identity thought placing some rather mundane animals front and centre was a great idea I haven’t the […]

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